Every provider of primary care dental services must have CQC registration as of 1st April 2011. The CQC or Care Quality Commission requires an application to be made supplying the applicant’s details, the type of regulated activity they are applying for (i.e., dentistry), and the locations from which those services will be supplied.

The CQC assesses the application for their fitness as well as their compliance with all the relevant regulations and requirements before granting approval.

Upon registering an individual or provider, the CQC applies certain conditions, such as restricting the locations where they can practice. Should the provider wish to remove or vary their conditions, cancel the registration or apply for a different regulated activity, they need to make another application to the CQC.

Preparing To Apply

Before applying, there are several key documents that must be prepared. These include:

  • DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checks with a CQC countersignature
  • A statement of purpose
  • Supporting documentation

It’s important to factor in the length of time it will take to organise and compile this information into your application planning.

It’s also important to note that answering questions and attending interviews is also necessary as part of the application process, and the location buildings need to be ready once the inspector arrives for their site visit. The proposed registered manager and nominated individual must also be involved with the process.

In some cases, completing the application may take as long as a whole working day, and the preparation work could take a number of weeks.

Creating A Statement Of Purpose

The statement of purpose must be submitted when making an application. It must include:

  • The business’s name and type
  • The business address, email, and telephone number
  • Partners’ names
  • The business’s objectives and aims
  • The locations where the service is provided including contact details, description, service and activity types, and the needs of the various people using the service.
  • The registered managers’ names and contact information including addresses for serving documents, the locations and activities that they manage, how long they spend at each location, and information about all job share arrangements.

An individual provider must supply information about their employment history, their own doctor’s contact information, the name and contact information of their previous employer and a declaration of their medical fitness. Partners in partnerships must supply the above information too.

Proving Financial Viability

To register with the CQC, providers must prove they have sufficient financial resources. This can be done by supplying a statement letter prepared by an accountant, a financial services firm or bank. NHS dentists are not required to provide this information.

Completing The Application Forms

It’s important for dentists to choose the most appropriate application form depending on whether they are a new provider, buying an existing business, or creating a brand-new legal entity. These forms can be found on the CQC’s website. Whenever possible, providers are required to submit their application via email, and an acknowledgment of the application is sent by email in return.