Our commercial property law team can provide invaluable advice if you are considering signing a lease for a commercial property. These types of contracts tend to be longer term, so it’s essential that certain clauses such as breaks are properly set out and documented. This is for the benefit of both the landlord and the tenant and to prevent any later disputes or misunderstanding.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the legislation which applies to commercial property, such as the The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. We can help you draw up a legally binding, mutually acceptable commercial lease, or we can check a lease that’s already been drafted to ensure you are fully protected.

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More information on leases

Are you a landlord or a tenant with questions about a commercial lease? We can explain how commercial leases work and help with setting up, renewal or termination.

A commercial lease is a contract between a landlord and a tenant which sets out the terms on which a property is rented for the purpose of carrying out business activity. This is very similar to the leases used for renting a domestic property, except that in the case of a commercial tenant, there is less protection provided by the law. This is because it’s considered that the two parties are both knowledgeable individuals, and are expected to understand the contract they’re signing in depth.

Common conditions

There are no mandatory elements to include in a commercial lease but the following are typically found:

  • The address
  • The type of property
  • The purpose for which is it being leased/type of business that is permitted
  • Term of the tenancy
  • Confirmation of whether the lease is fixed term or automatically renewable
  • Amount of rent and when payable
  • Security deposit and its provisions
  • Leasehold improvements – who is responsible?
  • Any improvements the landlord/tenant is explicitly responsible for
  • Subletting – this may be specifically prohibited
  • Insurance provisions
  • Termination of the lease agreement

Signing the lease

Typically only the landlord and the tenant will be required to sign the lease. In some cases, a third party such as a guarantor will be required to add their signature to the contract.

Terminating the lease agreement

If you want to terminate the lease agreement early, check the contract for a break clause. This allows the tenant to give the landlord notice of termination, typically with two months warning. If the break clause is present, there will be no financial penalties that apply.

You can also end the lease early if you are able to sublet the premises (and this is permitted under the terms of the lease), you assign the lease to another party (you may need your landlord’s permission) or the landlord agrees that you can provide notice of termination, even without a break clause. 


It’s worth noting that if the contract contains a break clause, the landlord can also use it to provide the tenant with notice of termination. Without a break clause, the landlord may only terminate the lease agreement if the tenant commits a serious breach such as subletting without permission or failing to pay the rent.


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