Immigration services for businesses.

When your business needs to bring an employee to the UK, it must navigate complicated immigration regulations. Getting advice from an expert can help you get the results your business needs while also saving you a lot of time, money, and stress.

You could be an employer in the UK looking to hire foreign workers, an overseas company, investor, or entrepreneur looking to establish a presence in the UK, or a representative of an international business that needs to relocate an employee.

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A UK Business or a Start-up or Innovator Visa may be the best option for you if you are an eligible foreign entrepreneur considering setting up, taking over, or actively participating in the operation of a business in the United Kingdom.

We can assist people who want to invest or start a company in the UK. Additionally, our solicitors can assist your business in complying with intricate immigration regulations and recruiting global talent.

Any immigration process is stressful, so it’s important to follow the rules to avoid paying fines or going to court. We collaborate with you to learn about your requirements and develop a custom plan to safeguard your company and employees.

  • Innovator visas
  • Start Up Visas
  • Sponsorship Licences including:
    – Sponsorship Licence Applications
    – Sponsorship Licence Audits and Compliance
    – Sponsorship Licence Renewal
    – Sponsorship Licence Revocations
  • Illegal working compliance
  • Points Based System
  • Sponsoring Skilled Workers
  • Global Migration Planning
  • Temporary Workers
  • Education Institutions
  • International transfers
  • Work visa refusals
  • Judicial Reviews
  • Establishing a UK branch of your international operation

Whether your company is seeking to hire a skilled foreign worker, or needs advice regarding immigration compliance, Carter Bond Solicitors has the expertise you need.

How does the new UK points-based immigration system work?

Anyone who is a resident in a foreign country and would like to work in the UK must meet a specific set of requirements which will they score points for. Those who gain enough points will then be awarded visas.

A total of 70 points is needed to be able to work in the UK. It is mandatory that the potential worker has the following:

  • An offer of a job by approved sponsor;
  • That job is at the required skill level (which is A-Level and equivalent); and
  • The worker speaks English at the required standard.

There are also requirements on salary, job shortage and education qualification. Carter Bond Solicitors can assist your business in determining the job you are offering meets the UK Government’s requirements.

How can my business employ skilled workers who are not UK citizens?

In order to hire skilled workers from outside the UK, you will need to obtain a sponsorship licence. From a commercial standpoint, it is important to check that the job roles you want to hire overseas workers for will meet the requirements for a sponsoring work visa [LINK TO FAQ on “point-based immigration]. You should do this before applying for a sponsorship visa.

How do I begin my start-up business in the UK?

The UK Government currently offers a route for start-ups and innovators to bring their business ideas to the UK. The “Start-up” route is for those setting up an innovative business for the first time. The “Innovator” route applies to those with industry experience and who are backed by at least £50,000 in funding. You can be a team of people or an individual when applying for either of these routes.

Why can’t I apply for an Investor Visa?

Unfortunately, this route was closed by the Home Office on 17 February 2022 to new applications. If you held an Investor Visa previously, you might be able to apply to extend it for a further period of time. Carter Bond Solicitors can assist you with the options available to you, including the new Start-up and Innovator Visas [LINK TO FAQ on this].


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Partner Led

Unlike many law firms when we say partner or barrister led, we mean partner or barrister led. When clients work with us, they get constant access to the lead on their instruction. Yes, we have a team of solicitors and juniors for some of the groundwork and necessary research required by our clients, but this is when it makes financial sense to the client for us to do this. We provide constant contact at no extra cost as part of our service as most of our lawyers have their own business, so they know first-hand how important having a proactive, responsible and trusted partner on their side can be. And also how to work to a financial budget, and the way that legal decisions impact the wider organisation, which often requires balancing risks and competing interests.

City quality, outer city fees

As the world changes, professionals in our society are realising that lifestyle is as vital to them as income. We are the lucky ones who have hand-picked lawyers who can provide the best quality advice but at outer City costs. Our offices are in North West London, which may not be in the City’s centre but at the same time this gives us two key advantages to set us apart:

  1. It allows us to charge our clients for what they pay for, our advice NOT our office space.


  2. Our staff save time and hassle on commutes which translates into a healthier working environment and more friendly and timely advice delivered to you.

ALL our lawyers have previously worked in large City-based law firms and continue to practise and offer the same high level of service  they provided to clients in the City, but without the pressure and demands often dictated by City law firms. This allows us to be competitive on our fees without compromising our service.

We have made smart decisions about the way we operate, so you can trust us to help you make smart decisions about your matter.

All in all, our clients win, which is the way we like it.

Proactive contact

Many ask us ‘what’s different about you?’ and we like to reply, ‘because we go the extra mile’. We see our work as building and maintaining good business relationships rather than just earning fees. How we do this is by keeping in constant contact with our clients and intermediaries. From pre to post instruction we ensure that our clients are informed of all legal issues that may impact their business and therefore lives. That is why we provide daily or weekly updates to ALL of our clients whether there is anything to tell them or not (we don’t charge for this we just see it as part of our service). We like our clients to rest peacefully knowing that when we are instructed, and we say ‘we will take it from here’ they know we mean it.

Our knowledge and resources are yours

All our clients benefit from the same high level of care and attention whether the instruction is big or small. At the outset of each matter, we discuss the entire process with our clients, including the costs, potential outcomes and issues associated. This is to ensure clients are fully aware, knowledgeable and are in control always. Supporting and ensuring we provide the highest level of services, we offer our constant contact process with the partner or barrister leading  your file, a document log in for matters which are for larger and more complicated instructions and on-going support post transaction should our clients require it. Our aim is not just to get the work done, but to make our clients’ lives easier as we do it, which is why we ensure that our clients have regular access to the resources they need from us.


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