Obtaining independent legal advice is not only advisable in many cases, but sometimes essential. The cost of seeking this advice will vary depending on a number of key factors.

Complexity and Nature of the Matter

Firstly, and most importantly, the nature and complexity of your legal matter significantly impacts the overall cost of obtaining advice. A more intricate issue or transaction will require more expertise and time, thus resulting in a higher cost.

The Solicitor’s Experience and Expertise

The expertise and experience of the professional who is advising you will also influence the final cost. A senior solicitor who has specialist knowledge will usually command a higher rate.

Time Required and Volume of Work

The amount of time spent on your consultations as well as the amount of the legal work that is required overall to give you comprehensive advice will be considered. A fixed fee may be offered for standard independent legal advice services, while some will bill per hour. You must discuss the expectations and structure with regard to fees upfront to ensure any misunderstandings are avoided.


If the solicitor is charging you at an hourly rate for independent legal advice, the amount will depend on the location of the firm as well as the solicitor’s own experience level. Solicitor fees have six grades. Nationally, there are three grades, while three cover London alone. In general terms, firms in an area that has high property prices will also usually charge higher fees, while cheaper solicitor fees are found in areas where property prices are lower.

You can roughly expect a junior solicitor to charge around £111 per hour across the UK, with the price rising to around £130 in London. For a solicitor for around 4 years of experience, the price will be around £180 per hour nationwide, except in London, where the cost will be around £235 an hour. The most experienced solicitors who have been qualified for over eight years can command around £210 per hour outside London, and £300 per hour in the capital. Please note that these are just guidelines.

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