Although starting a new business is exciting, it can also be daunting. One of the most complicated aspects to bear in mind is using a brand name and a trademark. Although it may seem easy, there is always the potential for conflicts, some knowing how to avoid them is imperative.  

Conflicts over brand names and trademarks can have severe negative implications for your business. Not only may your become caught up in court proceedings which are time-consuming and expensive, but they can also end up with you having to give up the brand name you’ve chosen, effectively making you relaunch the business all over again.  

With this in mind, here are some checks to carry out to ensure there will be no unwanted conflicts.  

Clearance Search 

To check thoroughly that the brand name you’ve selected isn’t already being used and no one has yet registered existing rights to that name, you need to carry out a clearance search. Contacting professionals to carry out this search will ensure that all aspects have been covered and that you can be confident to either go ahead with your chosen brand name without any fear of a potential conflict or to choose a different brand name that will not cause you problems in the future.  

Web Domain Availability 

Most businesses require a website, and if a website already exists with the same name you want to use it’ll be difficult to make your company simple to find on the web. There are websites that allow you to check the availability of domains such as Square Space or GoDaddy. Even if you find your chosen name has been taken, there are some options you could explore such as using different extensions, so the domain name becomes unique, or looking into contacting the domain name’s owner with a view to purchasing it.  

Username Availability 

Setting up social media profiles in your brand name is important, so checking your chosen platforms for any existing users of the same name is key. It’s possible to make a name that is already taken unique by adding a full stop or underscore in some cases.  

Carry Out Internet Searches 

In order to ensure the name, you’ve chosen isn’t linked to anything that may damage your brand, you should carry out an internet search for your chosen brand name. Look for any similar company names that may confuse prospective customers and if you find any, check what services or products they supply. If they’re similar to your own, reconsidering your name couldn’t be more important.  

Setting Up A Trademark 

Establishing your brand’s trademark can be achieved by visiting the IPO (Intellectual Property Office) and completing the online forms in order to register it. Brand names can also be registered with Companies House but bear in mind that doesn’t mean you have the rights to your chosen name.  

Avoiding conflicts over trademarks and brand names is always important for any new business, and if you follow the advice here, you should have no difficulties in this regard.