In this episode of our podcast, we shift our focus to the tenant’s perspective in commercial property leases. Our guest expert, Lena Thakrar, a commercial property partner at Carter Bond Solicitors, shares invaluable insights into what tenants’ desire in a lease agreement. Lena’s expertise, representing both landlords and tenants, provides a well-rounded understanding of the subject. 

 Throughout the episode, Lena highlights key aspects that tenants should prioritize in a lease. These include clear and limited break clauses, options for assignments and subletting, alteration rights, distinctions between leases inside and outside the Landlord and Tenant Act, the frequency of rent payments, and the use of rent deposits and personal guarantees. Each topic is explored, and Lena offers valuable insights and considerations for tenants to navigate lease agreements effectively. 

 Join us for an engaging and informative discussion as Lena Thakrar sheds light on the tenant’s perspective in commercial property leases. Gain valuable knowledge and guidance to make informed decisions and secure tenant-friendly lease agreements in the dynamic world of commercial property.