Discover the complex world of commercial property leases and landlords in this engaging podcast episode. Lena Thakrar, a commercial property partner at Card Bond, joins us as our guest expert. Lena shares invaluable insights into the essential components that landlords desire in lease agreements. 

 Throughout the episode, Lena emphasizes the significance of clear and concise drafting, using break clauses as an illustrative example. She highlights the importance of addressing conditions such as rent, service charges, insurance, and vacant possession to ensure the validity of a break clause. Lena also dispels the notion that all leases are the same, emphasizing the bespoke nature of each agreement tailored to the specific commercial arrangement between the parties involved. 

 Additionally, Lena delves into other key aspects that landlords consider, including exclusions from the Landlord and Tenants Act, service charges, insurance obligations, utility payments, rent reviews, and provisions for assignments. Her expertise and passion for leases create an engaging and informative listening experience, leaving listeners with a deeper understanding of the landlord’s perspective in commercial property leases. 

 Tune in to this podcast episode as we explore the intricate world of commercial property leases, guided by Lena Thakrar’s wealth of knowledge and insights. Gain valuable insights into the elements that landlords prioritize and discover the complexities involved in crafting a lease agreement that safeguards their interests while maintaining a fair balance between all parties involved.