You can search the OHIM trade mark database on our website to find out if your trade mark is available. There are over 7 million registered trade marks in the OHIM database, which is the European registry of trade marks. Save time and money by searching our fast and easy database to see if your trade mark is available to register.

Our OHIM trade mark search is free and we do not ask for your details. We recommend that you conduct a search to find out if your trade mark is available. Your application can face an objection if you file without checking.

How do you search the trade mark database?

To search our database, type in your trade mark into the search bar shown below and press submit.

The search results

The search results (shown below) will show similar trade marks that can be found on the OHIM trade mark database. The results will only show trade marks registered in the OHIM database which is the European registry of trade marks.

Search results of a trade mark search on the OHIM database

If the trade mark you want to register does not show any similar results, you can proceed to apply for your trade mark.

Things to note

  • When similar results are found, you should put yourself in the position of a consumer and consider if your trade mark can be mistaken for any of the similar marks. If the similarity would be confusing, then you will have a problem.
  • When searching for similar trade marks, your search should include identical marks that can potentially be confused with your trade mark. This will help make sure that objections are not raised when your trade mark is filed.
  • If a similar trade mark is found, you should check the class of that trade mark. There is a good chance that you can file your trade mark if the class of the similar mark is different to yours.