In this podcast, we dive deep into the art of time management, helping you reclaim those lost hours and supercharge your productivity. If you often find yourself wondering where the time has gone and struggling to accomplish your daily tasks, this podcast is tailored just for you. 

Join us as we explore a range of practical tips and strategies, led by our expert guest, Will Roig, a seasoned business owner and coach from Action Coach. Will’s expertise has transformed the lives of countless entrepreneurs, including our podcast host, Reena, who confesses to being coached by him for years. 

Together, they unpack the powerful “Pomodoro Technique,” uncover the secrets of the “Time Matrix” by Stephen Covey, and share valuable insights on prioritization, goal-setting, and creating a foolproof default diary. Learn how to tackle those dreaded tasks head-on, achieve your daily objectives, and leave room for unexpected challenges. 

Time management is an art, and in this podcast, we reveal the canvas to paint a more efficient, productive, and successful business life. Whether you’re a business owner, executive, or simply looking to boost your time management skills, this podcast will empower you to take charge of your time and unleash your true potential. 

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