Are you ready for the new online pharmacy system from PCSE Online? Here we’ll guide you through the new changes designed to make pharmacy applications much easier.

The way pharmacies are bought and sold is changing. You may already be aware that in 2019 the PCSE already made steps towards making the process of pharmacy transfers much more efficient with an online service. This system for pharmacy applications is now the primary method to register not only the building and services, but much more including the director name and selling at a distance approval. From March 2021 the system will also be able to handle any applications for market exit or even consolidation.

This online service now provides the primary hub to submit your applications and features a number of benefits. This post will unpack the new details to make your transitions as smooth as possible, moving away from the dozens of paper forms to a more effective system.

What is changing?

The purpose of the system designed by PCSE is to modernise and update the paper-based service which is currently used, giving users an all-encompassing tool to submit applications and make amendments quickly. It will allow applicants to enter all of their information into the fields, and watch as their application goes through the approval process in real-time.

    What are the benefits?

    • Mistakes made in the application process will be picked up immediately and highlights any missing information crucial to your application as you are applying.
    • The progress of your application can be checked daily for updates.
    • The system will intuitively show you exactly what needs to be filled out in each of the fields, so anybody can use it without worrying something is incorrect.
    • Easier and more flexible, the electronic application not only incorporates all of the information needed but you can also pay directly online. No more paper, no more cheques.
    • The new way saves time as you don’t need to pick up the forms or have them mailed to you, and you don’t need to send them off, cutting days and weeks off the whole process.
    • Cut your carbon footprint with a fully paper-free service.

    What application does the system incorporate?

    A whole host of electronic applications have been added to the system and can be accessed and amended directly with PCSE Online, some of which include:

    • Change of director or superintendent
    • Change of ownership
    • Dispensing GP details
    • Identification of current or future need
    • Premises approval
    • Selling at a distance
    • Change of your location
    • The right of return

    These changes have been implemented to make the entire operation of a pharmacy much more efficient which not only benefits the directors, but the employees and the customers too. As everything takes a digital step forward with this new system, we’re here to answer any questions you have about the new online system so reach out if you need to and we will ensure you’re fully up to speed with the new way of doing things on PCSE Online.