Finding a solicitor to deal with your legal problem means finding the right solicitor that you can rely on to successfully resolve your problem. So how do you do this? We have listed the below tips to help you deal with this:

  • Seek personal recommendations from friends and family of individual solicitors or law firms they have used. This is a great way of finding a solicitor or law firm as you will know people who have had first-hand experience with them.

  • Check the law firm’s online reviews and their website to see if the law firm has the expertise to deal with your legal problem. It is essential to find a solicitor with the experience and expertise that relates to your legal problem. The search facility on the Law Society’s website is a useful tool to use as it allows you to search not only by post code but also by specialist areas of law.

  • Arrange a call or meet up with a solicitor of the law firm. Make sure you bring all necessary documentation to the meeting or have all documents to hand for your call, as well as having a few questions to ask.

  • See how responsive they are, were they confident, helpful, courteous and professional? Did they answer your concerns in your initial meeting? If you experience a poor level of service, or the solicitor is unable to answer your questions it is likely that you will experience the same once you become a client.

  • Shop around, don’t just go to one law firm. It is advisable to do this, so you can compare the levels of service and costs of each.

  • Evaluate each law firm and then finally, go with your gut!


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