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Terms & Conditions for Business

Every business, whether a large multinational or a start-up should have a set of business terms and conditions. But a lot of businesses consider this to be a low priority and usually only give detailed consideration when a dispute arises. Of course, by this time it’s probably too late!

There are many advantages in a business investing in a robust set of terms and conditions. For example:

  • Oral contracts are very risky and difficult to prove
  • There is less chance of a dispute arising if there is a written contract
  • To ensure the business is protected and to limit its liability
  • To provide certainty
  • To standardise a company’s contracting procedures
  • To set out a framework

What should my terms and conditions include?

These are some of the usual provisions found in standard terms and conditions:

  • Payment terms
  • Pricing
  • Details of the goods and service provided
  • Termination provisions
  • Excluding liability
  • Deliver of goods or services
  • Data protection clauses
  • Non payment and interest provisions

DIY terms and conditions

It is astonishing how many businesses try to cut corners and copy terms and conditions, or even try and prepare something themselves from information cribbed from the internet! This is a recipe for disaster. It’s a risk that can be avoided. Properly drafted terms and conditions is fundamental to any successful business. Businesses should not take chances by relying on DIY terms and conditions and should seek proper legal advice.

We have a set of terms and conditions. Do these need to be reviewed?

In short, if your business terms and conditions are cribbed from information on the internet or are copied or if you have prepared them yourself, then yes – you should have these reviewed by a solicitor and Carter Bond Solicitors can assist.

If your terms and conditions were prepared by a solicitor, you may find that your business has changed and the terms and conditions which were fit for purpose when prepared may no longer be adequate. If this sounds all too familiar, you must ensure your terms are reviewed without delay.

At Carter Bond Solicitors, we can assist in reviewing your existing terms and conditions or working with you to prepare a set of terms and conditions for your business to protect your interests.

No terms and conditions at all – the risks

When starting a business, it is often that you’re busy working in the business and setting it up that legal contracts and terms and conditions are usually overlooked. But by doing so, this can have disastrous effect on your business.

The biggest risk is that neither nor the business nor the customer have any clear agreement on the basis of the work – there is a huge scope of misunderstanding thus leading to a dispute, late or non-payment, costs on debt collection and so on.

How we can help

At Carter Bond Solicitors, we understand that every business is unique. We have advised hundreds of businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporations and we know what questions to ask to understand your business and how best to protect its interests.

We do not provide ‘off the shelf terms and conditions’. We will draft bespoke terms and conditions to fit your organisation.

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Reena Popat

With over 10 years experience, Reena has significant knowledge and expertise when it comes to corporate and commercial matters. She is best placed to draft any agreement you require for your business.


Naju Chowdhury

Naju recently qualified has a solicitor in 2019 and mainly specializes in corporate and commercial matters. She has experience working with clients globally, specializing in international commercial needs as well as the UK.

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